FC Charles Parent Portal


Our Parent Portal will be a meeting point where you can find resources, information, and links you will need to stay connected to your players' teams.

Any questions you may have while part of the FC Charles family can be directed to Cyrus Salazar at cyruss@fc1658.org

Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities

The key roles of a soccer parent:

  1. Let the coach be the coach. Be respectful of their style. Don’t criticize. Build them up. Coaches are doing their best and need encouragement. If you do need to speak with the coach, be sure to set up a time away from the field (at least 48 hours after a game). Never do this in front of your child, the team, or other parents. 
  2. Encourage your child to work on the things they can control: their effort and attitude.
  3. Create a positive, supportive atmosphere that encourages your child to maximize their potential - both on & off the...